latest test image for testing

Jerry Vonau jerry at
Tue Feb 28 05:22:32 EST 2012

Hi All:

I have the latest dextrose based builds ready for your evaluation
from here <>.

Changes & Fixes
latest powerd-44 with some add-ons patches and revised config file.
  -- wol enabled
  -- very short dim/blank
  -- auto shutdown after five minutes
  -- tracing enabled

latest olpc-utils-1.3.12
  -- patched to make the AVC Sentelic FSP work
  -- suppress warning when not present
  -- revised amixer setting

latest sugar-0.94.1-13.dx3
  -- inhibit powerd from suspending when sharing activities.

latest sugar-client-1.2-17.1
  --stats enabled
  --updater enabled

Some revised activities,

Happy testing and thanks for any feedback,

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