powerd and wlanpacket [PATCH]

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Mon Feb 20 08:47:12 EST 2012

hi jerry --

jerry wrote:
 > Hi All:
 > While working with powerd in debug mode I noticed that "wlanpacket"
 > would always cause a break in snooze(). I realized that

yes -- that 'break' is intentional, but perhaps you're observing something
i didn't expect?

my thinking was, if we don't break out of that loop when we're woken
up for 'wlanpacket', there's a fair chance that we'll go right back to
sleep without the system fully processing the packet we just received. 
it seemed prudent to stay awake longer.  so the packet arrival is
treated similarly to new user activity (except that it won't brighten
the screen if it's been dimmed.)  are you saying that this isn't needed?

 > prepare_for_wakeupsource() was reading $WAKEUP_SOURCE which I believe is

i think you mean get_wakeupsource()?

 > feedback from the firmware. Noticed that the sleep was 6-8 second, just
 > a bit longer than BUSYCHECK. That is why when you disable WAKE_ON_WLAN
 > the XOs will go to sleep, until-sleep_type does toggle to the next stage
 > as until_blank-soft after rtcalarm appears in $wakeupsource. I believe
 > the message need to be ignored at this point, and to just use
 > cpu_or_network_busy() to determine if the laptop blanks or not.

sorry.  i've tried a couple of times to follow you through that
paragraph, and i keep losing you.  disabling WAKE_ON_WLAN will keep
the laptop from waking up on wlan traffic.  i'm pretty sure that if
you do that, you'll never get the 'wlanpacket' event that your patch
affects.  so i'm confused.

perhaps i don't understand the goal.  i thought the problem you were having
with your deployments was that idle suspend was interfering with collaboration.
what's the problem we're trying to solve here?

(and, for completeness, on which laptop?  i think you're working with
1.5 machines is that right?)


 > Jerry
 > part 2     text/x-patch               510
 > --- /usr/sbin/powerd.orig	2012-02-17 06:56:17.929289432 +0930
 > +++ /usr/sbin/powerd	2012-02-17 07:01:39.739994257 +0930
 > @@ -1805,8 +1805,12 @@
 >          "wlanpacket")
 >              if [ "$wake_on_wlan" ]
 >              then
 > +                trace wlanpacket during $until 
 >                  selfinject fake_useractive $lastwakeup "$wakeupsource"
 > -                break
 > +                if [ "$XO" = 1.75 ] 
 > +                then      
 > +                    break
 > +                fi
 >              fi
 >              ;;
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