powerd and wlanpacket [PATCH]

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 17 19:51:18 EST 2012

Hi All:

While working with powerd in debug mode I noticed that "wlanpacket"
would always cause a break in snooze(). I realized that
prepare_for_wakeupsource() was reading $WAKEUP_SOURCE which I believe is
feedback from the firmware. Noticed that the sleep was 6-8 second, just
a bit longer than BUSYCHECK. That is why when you disable WAKE_ON_WLAN
the XOs will go to sleep, until-sleep_type does toggle to the next stage
as until_blank-soft after rtcalarm appears in $wakeupsource. I believe
the message need to be ignored at this point, and to just use
cpu_or_network_busy() to determine if the laptop blanks or not.



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