Impacts of disabling Automatic Power Management

John Gilmore gnu at
Fri Feb 10 22:14:02 EST 2012

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 10:26 AM, Samuel Greenfeld <greenfeld at> wrote:
> Disabling suspend during collaboration was discussed a year ago, but as far
> as I know this has not made it into any 11.3.x build:

There are longstanding bugs from four to five years ago, all the way
back to the XO-1, that prevent collaboration from working when
aggressive power management (suspend) is enabled.  Most of those
never got fixed, as far as I know.  Lots of circumventions were
attempted.  Some bugs were closed despite not actually getting the
right fix implemented.  They're all still in trac.  E.g.: (closed because it still fails!)

Back then, we were barely able to do the bugfixes needed to get to
minimal power when suspending the XO-1 when you close the lid.  Making
exotic features like collaboration work was way beyond what the team
was able to do.  Perhaps now is different?


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