Pretty gnome cursor theme on XO-1.75

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at
Fri Feb 10 08:17:33 EST 2012

Tested in os27, looks better than before.
Maybe the white line in the border of the circle can be a little wider.
The shadow in the arrow looks very good.
The hand can be improved (look like the line in the base is cutted)

Testing this in Firefox, I think the smoothScroll config
is not good for our hardware. Try changing it going to about:config
and setting general.smoothScroll to false.
I know is late to change it now, but may be we can think about this later.


2012/2/9 Martin Langhoff <martin at>

> If you've been using XO-1.75, you've seen the cursors are pretty ugly
> under Gnome.
> OS26 brought in a major improvement in these cursors, thanks to
> Manuel's work on this topic. I've asked him to improve it a bit
> further, and I think his new version is much nicer.
> Grab OS26 or OS27 (in a few hs), look at the "wait" cursors under
> gnome (when you open firefox, or while you wait for it to fetch a
> page).
> Now `yum update cursors-adwaita2b`, restart, play again with firefox
> or other app that makes you wait.
> Thoughts?
> Keep in mind that we are working with some severe constraints here --
> explained here
> cheers,
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