13.1.0 release candidate 1 (build 20) released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sat Dec 22 11:13:56 EST 2012


We're pleased to announce our first release candidate of our new
13.1.0 software release.

Information and installation instructions can be found here:

Quick links for those who know which files need to be grabbed and save
to USB disks:

This is a signed release candidate that can be installed on all XOs,
even those with security enabled.

We're looking for testing and feedback on all aspects of the system.
Thanks for any help you can offer, and for all the feedback that was
received throughout development.

Our scheduled release date is January 7th.

Please review the "Known problems" section of the release notes. Some
documented issues are carried over from previous releases, but others
are new and are things that we will aim to fix in the few weeks before

Compared to the last 13.1.0 development release (build 19), we have fixed:

Clock-12 fixes broken talking clock mode (SL#4079)

Physics-11 fixes broken input in activity title area (SL#4193)

Write now works again on XO-1/XO-1.5 (#12412)

- Icons on the neighborhood screen should not collide as often with
the central buddy (SL#3944)
- Buddy icon layout on the journal list view should be fixed (SL#4331, SL#4335)
- "Send to friend" file transfer is working again (SL#4242)
- The Journal no longer crashes when dealing with right-to-left
languages (SL#4328)
- Modem connections should now complete successfully (SL#4255)
- Clicking on activity icons in the neighborhood view works again (SL#4283)
- alt-tab switching through activities now works again (SL#3895)

- Bookmark tray layout in Browse is fixed (SL#4279)
- Icons in the Journal's Documents views are no longer incorrect (SL#4276)
- Border in the pop-up palette menus is no longer inconsistent (SL#4295)

sugar-artwork-0.98.2 fixes the appearance of the journal's favorite
icon (SL#4304).

sugar-datastore-0.98.1 fixes bad activity ordering in the journal (SL#4305)

Clipboard operation in Sugar is still not working right, but we have
included the gtk3 and pygobject3 fundamental fixes from SL#4307;
hopefully we're not far from finishing this.

A bug where the mouse cursor would frequently disappear has been
solved (#12411). Note that it is normal and intended for the mouse
cursor to disappear when using the XO-4 touchscreen.

XO-4 .zd file no longer produces a strange warning upon flashing (#12402)

Audacity no longer causes a kernel crash on XO-4 (#12367)

I accidently missed the latest handful of XO-4 kernel commits in this
build; I'll be sure to include the latest one in the next build, which
is not far off.


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