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On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 3:38 PM, Tom Parker <tom at> wrote:
> Auckland Testing Summary (only 2 weeks late)
> Who: Fabiana, John, Oliver, Tabitha, Tom
> Testing 13.1.0 build 15 on XO-1.75 and XO-4
> hoiho xo-1.75 c2
> getbooks and read work
> Mohua:
> measure - tried recording - then went to frame and journal but not sure I
> can find file - system is slowed to a crawl. Went back to measure to try to
> stop and I get the circle of death where it doesn’t seem to be able to stop.
> Very strange logs attached. Seems to have saved the file ok though.  Record
> freezes at high quality ( and also
> ). physics - still have the refresh error
> at the top of canvas. memorise ok. Write ok. Ruler ok. Paint: refresh too
> slow - get lines when I am drawing curves. Clock: talking clock not talking.
> Just clocking. typing turtle ok. Chart ok
> Moa:
> Browse-147: Google Docs when used with browse complains that Chrome is out
> of date and suggests upgrading. Creating documents, opening documents works.
> Right click menu within the document does not work, so you can’t use the
> spell check. Browse hung immediately after logging in to the ajax version of
> zimbra. Stop didn’t work from the frame. This wasn’t repeatable. Previously
> reported as
> On one laptop, while searching the internet Wikipedia with Browse, the whole
> laptop froze. Ctrl-alt-f2 did not bring up a text console, interestingly the
> power button did bring the normal shutdown menu and shutdown worked.
> On one laptop, write repeatedly saved a blank document into the journal, so
> when you exit and restart your changes are lost. On all the other laptops,
> it also has trouble starting with failed to start errors appearing before it
> starts or after you stop it. There are many strange errors in it’s log
> (attached). Explicit save as rtf works.
> Get Books can save a book which you can read with Read so the journal itself
> is at least somewhat working.
> What is wrong with the failed to start warning? it appears on a regular
> basis when the activity has actually started.
> Measure-42 starts the first time after reboot with a reasonable input gain
> -- quiet noise mostly fills the x-axis. After you stop and start it again
> the input level is very very low (one or two pixels high in a noisy room and
> the level control doesn’t work. Rebooting the laptop fixes the problem until
> you close measure again. This is not a problem with Measure 37.1 on 12.1.0
> on XO-1.75 and is a problem with Measure 42 on the same 12.1.0 laptop.
> Raised We see
> is still a problem.
> On XO-4 measure seems to see some very low level noise when you turn the
> gain up but no actual signal.

Oops. Fixed these but forgot to ever release the new version. V44 has
fixes for both #4288 and #4254. And the low gain problem on XO 4 is
corrected with os18. Please test.

> Chat is affected by power saving -- messages delayed until the laptop wakes
> up. They do seem to turn up eventually.
> In a Chat of 3 laptops on adhoc network 1, one laptop left and joined
> according to the others. The laptop that left and joined does not show this
> disturbance in it’s transcript of the conversation. It still seems
> participate properly after this.
> Record hung while playing back a recording it had just made. It’s not
> totally clear how this happened. Log is attached but it doesn’t look very
> interesting.
> Jukebox cannot play back recordings made by record.
> Karerea xo-1.75 c2
> started and used moon, implode, maze, paint, fototoon, record, ruler,
> stopwatch
> clock no talking when talking clock enabled
> TamTamMini sound very crackly and didn’t improve, really bad playing drum
> beats
> write had a problem with failed to start message appearing after pressing
> stop on the reopened activity from journal
> physics works
> Memorize has significant graphics corruption, see
> Stopping and starting memorize did not fix it, but rebooting the whole
> laptop did. This only happened once on Karerea, all the others worked
> normally.
> Labrythinth works
> typing turtle works
> The keyboard shortcut image in help still isn’t fixed, but there is updated
> content.
> Finance works
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