13.1.0 development build 18 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Tue Dec 11 09:41:12 EST 2012


A new 13.1.0 development build is available.



XO-4 kernel fixes:
- Camera works again (#12380)
- DCON and pretty boot works again (#12378), no need to boot in
verbose mode like in build 17
- Power button works again (#12379)
- USB unreliability should be fixed (#12158)

Fixed bitfrost problem in activation initramfs (#12376)

GNOME can be launched on XO-1.75/XO-4 again without error (#12381)

The Sugar welcome screen activates again on first boot.

sugar activity updater fixes:
- UI no longer hangs strangely (#12272)
- Select/deselect of specific updates works again (SL#4274)
- Activity group URLs can be modified again (SL#4275)

- Get back margin of toolbuttons (SL#3936)
- Style GtkProgressBar (SL#4249)

- Popdown the palette if an item in the content box gets activated
(SL#4191, SL#4253)
- TrayIcon: get the black background and outline for palette popup (SL#4089)
- RadioToolButton: draw the outline properly (SL#3936)
- CanvasIcon: do not keep it ACTIVE when right-click twice (SL#4224)

- Adapt to PaletteMenu changes for popdown on item activation (SL#4191, SL#4253)
- Fix XO-4 all-black screenshots (SL#4104)
- Journal details: make buddies appear (SL#4282)

- Fix "Opacity does change while drawing" (SL#4237)
- Fix "Paint cut/paste duplicates first pasted item in top-left
corner." (SL#4250)

Thanks for any testing and feedback!

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