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Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Wed Aug 29 04:02:38 EDT 2012

> I agree this may represent something different about how our Linux
> kernel is rebooting.
> Could you please test with older operating system releases against the
> same latest firmware?
Alas, the spurious lid message is not build dependent but FW version
dependent.  The issue begins at Q2F12.  Q2F11 does not display the message
on either 11.3.1 builds 883 or 12.1.0 build 20.  With Q2F12 and Q2F13, it
does occur, and on both builds.  To reiterate, after 'reboot' from terminal
in Linux or a GUI restart, entering firmware upon the reboot causes a
spurious lid message - and only on XO-1's

Observe the power LED pattern, speaker click, and lid warning.  See if
> it changes as you go back in time.

I'll do this part over the next couple of days, I need to first go back and
determine at which version the 'blinking power light' on shutdown starts
occurring. Sorry, ran out of time today.


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