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James Cameron quozl at
Mon Aug 27 01:42:26 EDT 2012

Q2F12 added support for automatic power down if lid is closed while at
ok prompt, per ticket #11095, svn 2991.  If you have been using
previous firmware, you may never have seen this message.

It has been a feature of XO-1.5 and XO-1.75 already.

On XO-1, the lid switch is wired to the CS5536 companion chip, as well
as to the the embedded controller.  Open Firmware is reading from the
GPIO pin array in the CS5536.  Hal observed a confused embedded
controller or battery error may trigger this issue.

Kevin, Robert, please remove the external power, and the main battery,
wait ten seconds, then reinsert both, and see if the problem persists.

If it does, please get to the ok prompt, type lid-off and press enter
(to stop the timer), then test the lid switch like this:

	ok lid? . cr d# 500 ms many

This will print ffffffff when the lid switch is considered closed, and
0 when the lid switch is considered open.

Waving a magnet against the front bezel above the microphone is a
useful way to test the switch without having to close the laptop.  The
switch works best with the north and south poles of the magnet
pointing left-right or right-left.  You'll soon learn which way works;
I don't have a labelled test magnet here, I just know it works only
one way.

The case magnet is to the left of the touchpad.  Drag a USB drive over
there to find it; a typical USB connector will be attracted.

James Cameron

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