Testing Summary Auckland 25 August 2012

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 23:46:12 EDT 2012

As always, thanks for testing.

On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 6:24 PM, Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org> wrote:
> Testing Summary Auckland 25 August 2012
> Who: Fabiana, John, Tabitha, Tom
> Testing 12.1.0 Build 20 on XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75.
> Simba XO-1
> Measure: starts up ok - single channel recording. Gain and time control seem
> ok. Waveform looks reasonable - FFT ok. Pause ok. Query: Are these scaling
> controls on a log scale?

There are two scaling controls: one for time/freq on the main toolbar
and one for gain (sound) and bias (resistance or voltage). I'll have
to go back to look at the code to see if the gain scale is log. The
others are not.

> Sample: I don’t see the frozen screen of what is
> being captured every time interval -- I thought I was able to see that
> before?

You can pause the screen and save it, but I got rid of the feature of
period screen captures (hadn't know there was a use case for it). Just
data capture. (Note that you can import these data into Simple Graph).

> Paint: seems ok
> Shutdown: cannot shut down through right click (although option is there)
> nor can I restart - need to push power button but didnt show me the shutdown
> screen so was confused.
> Moa XO-1.75
> Measure: starts up ok - two channel recording -  Gain and time control ok,
> Query: Are these scaling controls on a log scale? The refresh  is set so
> that I seem to always have two waveforms from a single channel at any time -
> so you can’t really look at a single waveform at any time - there are
> advantages to this, but it can be kind of confusing - I don’t get the same
> problem with Simba.

At the moment, there is a problem with 1.75 stereo capture. I only see
data on one channel (which one is non-deterministic). So you should be
seeing one flatline and one line with actual data. (I use the XO
colors, one for each channel).

> FFT ok, except here too I get 2 consecutive waveforms
> displayed. Sample: I don’t see the frozen screen of what is being captured
> every time interval -- I thought I was able to see that before? Records of
> sampling seem ok when opened from the journal. The log of the samples seem
> odd - they don’t seem to reflect what I did. I started recording at 1 sec
> interval and changed to 30 sec after about 5 sec but hard to understand what
> the log is showing me when I open it as a text file. The metadata seems fine
> - but am a bit confused at the data structure. (same on simba)

The data could be a bit strange because of the channel issue. You
should see an indication of the interval and then pairs of samples. If
you change the interval, that should also be indicated. If not, it is
a bug.

> Physics: I still get the funny thing at the top of the screen where it
> displays intermittently the image - I can trigger this behaviour by building
> a tall rectangle that spans the height of the canvas.
> Memorise: all three grids work
> Paint: seems to work ok
> Ivy XO-1.5
> Record works, initially video quality was poor but restart of the activity
> fixed it
> Write works
> Getbooks and Read work. Getbooks icon in home view circle does not colour
> after use and there is no record of use in the Journal, but the book
> downloaded does show in the Journal. Read icon does colour when displayed in
> the home view circle (after you read a book).
> Measure - looks good on first opening of activity, unlike Rosella
> Wikipedia EN - works
> Tamtam mini - works
> Browse - works
> Maze - works on own
> Rosella - XO-1.5
> Maze - can play on own, could invite Ivy on local wifi but Ivy couldn’t
> join. The icon appeared in frame area but clicking it never resulted in Maze
> opening, just get X in the middle. Tried joining from neighbourhood and got
> Maze to open but it opened new Maze not the shared one. Then Ivy couldn’t
> see Rosella in neighbourhood but Rosella can see Ivy. Rotate no good,
> doesn’t resize to fit so part of maze is not visible in 90 and 270 view (but
> when would you use this view?).
> Implode - level 1 works, rotate is okay and can complete using all angles
> Ruler - works, rotate doesn’t resize thankfully so your ruler is still
> accurate! It does go off screen in 90 and 270 view
> Speak - pitch/rate, eyes/mouth work, robot works, didn’t test collaboration.
> Rotate works on all angles, 90 and 270 view the buttons change to drop down
> menu nicely.
> Finance - works, would really like a repeat function for recurring events
> like regular income so you don’t have to do so much typing. Rotate works.
> Moon - works, rotate works (resizes to fit)
> Tamtam mini - works, rotate not so good though as doesn’t resize to fit 90
> and 270 view (though you do get scroll bar).
> Clock - works, rotate is fine, would be good to change DDMMYY order to match
> local expectations
> Memorize - all 3 preloaded games and sizes work, create and play own game
> works, rotate works
> Stopwatch - works, rotate works
> Chart - works, rotate resizes to fit
> Measure - on one startup it went crazy!

I haven't been able to find the root of this problem. Restarting seems
to always resolve the problem.

> https://picasaweb.google.com/118146064923365210751/OlpcTestingAuckland?noredirect=1#5780726822164516626
> Suspend/resume by closing lid and the Measure display is fixed. Is this
> http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2509? we’ve seen it a few times on
> production laptops, so perhaps we were too quick to assume it was prototype
> hardware related?
> Browse - works
> We received two XO-1 laptops which refused to turn on, following the
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Fix_Clock instructions to set a valid time via the
> serial port fixed both of them. The clock batteries appeared to be working,
> in place and not leaking. They both had very old software which had the nice
> feature of showing which activities are running on the home screen. They now
> have 12.1.0 build 20 and are on their way back to their owners.

The active activities appear on the top of the frame in 12.1 but maybe
there could be some indication on the spiral as well... a question for
the design team. Alas, the pie-shaped wedges on the old Sugar were
supposed to have meaning in regard to memory usage, but that never
worked properly.

> On XO-1 (and presumably the others, I didn’t try), using yum to install
> ntpdate causes a strange prompt to import a key. It seems that the key is
> already present on the laptop but yum doesn’t trust it, but it certainly
> doesn’t present enough information to make a reasonable trust decision.
> Also, we see an error about the rpmdb checksum, but ntpdate seems to work
> anyway.
> Downloading Packages:
> ntpdate-4.2.6p5-2.fc17.i686.rpm   |  76 kB     00:00
> warning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID 1aca3465:
> Public key for ntpdate-4.2.6p5-2.fc17.i686.rpm is not installed
> Retrieving key from file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-i386
> Importing GPG key 0x1ACA3465:
>  Userid     : "Fedora (17) <fedora at fedoraproject.org>"
>  Fingerprint: cac4 3fb7 74a4 a673 d81c 5de7 50e9 4c99 1aca 3465
>  Package    : fedora-release-17-1.noarch (@koji.dist-f17-i686/$releasever)
>  From       : /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-i386
> Is this ok [y/N]: y
> Running Transaction Check
> Running Transaction Test
> Transaction Test Succeeded
> Running Transaction
>   Installing : ntpdate-4.2.6p5-2.fc17.i686                       1/1
> Rpmdb checksum is invalid: dCDPT(pkg checksums): ntpdate.i686
> 0:4.2.6p5-2.fc17 - u
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