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Sat Aug 25 13:41:43 EDT 2012


I'm looking to get a sense of how widely antitheft is being used and
to what level of success. There was a post recently where Bruce Baikie
came across 500 XO-1s in Ethiopia, that were locked, but the server
was dead/gone/missing/ so these were unusable. On the other hand, when
XOs are not set up for antitheft, there is attrition (we have some in
one of our Jamaica projects, although its fairly low).

1) Does antitheft work as advertised?
2) What are comfortable parameters for it to work? How many hours
should the lease be?

Not looking for very specific answers...more like a conversation around it.

Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
Professor, Information Systems
San Francisco State University

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