Announcing the development of OLPC OS 13.1.0

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Aug 16 13:40:43 EDT 2012


First a quick update on 12.1.0: sadly we have missed the planned
release date by quite a while, due to an unfortunate chain of
stability issues which have taken a lot of our time away over the last
few months. The good news is that we think we've just nailed the last
issue, so the release is expected soon (really now!).

Now to announce our next release cycle:

Our goals are to add support for the XO-4 laptop, which includes
providing a good touchscreen experience on the Sugar side too. We're
moving the base OS to Fedora 18 to take advantage of the latest
touchscreen-related developments.

As described in the release plan, we are currently in open development
until October 11th - all features and invasive changes need to land in
relatively-stable state before that date. We will then follow with a
4-week bug-fixes-only period, followed by a 4-week
regression-fixes-only period, followed by the planned release on
December 6th. Like last time I will act as the release manager.

Your continued feedback is appreciated: we are looking to draw in
testing, bug reports and development efforts from the community,
starting as soon as the first build appears :)


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