[Server-devel] Collaboration XO-1 with XS

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Apr 26 17:39:07 EDT 2012

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 06:38:00AM +1000, David Leeming wrote:
> [...] we work around it by for instance using ?discard network
> history? which seems to help.

I was deeply involved in the "discard network history" feature at one
point in development, and at the time the only thing it did was to
remove access point names (ESSIDs) from the list of known access points.
I've just checked the code and that is still only what it does.

So I'm surprised it is having an effect.  But congratulations for
finding it does have an effect.

I know nothing about the network at the location.  Is there more than
one access point name available?

If so, at the time of the problem, the reason the button is having an
effect may be because a disconnection has led to the laptop associating
with another access point, and pressing the button would prevent that.

If not, then the button is only serving to disconnect the laptop from
the network.  You may find the same effect to occur by clicking on the
access point in the network neighbourhood view.

Lastly, whether activities are open at the time of the forced disconnect
and reconnect may be interesting.

Next time, please do some technical diagnosis at the time of the problem
... use Terminal activity to ping the server.  As I have recently seen
examples of TP-Link with OpenWRT access points that silently block data
flow, it reminds me that some diagnosis is worth doing.  In the cases I
observed, data flow was restored by reconnecting.  That you currently
reconnect to work around the problem may be a coincidence, or it might
be this same kind of problem.

James Cameron

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