Collaboration XO-1 with XS

David Leeming david at
Thu Apr 26 16:38:00 EDT 2012

I have noticed when using the combination XO-1 build 883 , Sugar 0.94.1 and
XS-0.6 that collaboration for registered XOs connected to the XS network is
unreliable. After doing some collaborating sometimes the populating of the
neighbourhood views becomes unreliable and shared activities are not
displayed on other XOs neighbourhood screens. Also, when hovering over some
XOs which are displayed on neighbourhood view, the name is not shown but
instead a long text stream. This has been attempting to disrupt teacher
training I am conducting but we work around it by for instance using
"discard network history" which seems to help.


I am copying to both lists as I am not sure where the problem lies. Any
advice appreciated and apologies if some of this has been covered in past
discussions, if so just a referral would be most appreciated.


David Leeming

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