12.1.0 devel build 6 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Tue Apr 3 19:42:29 EDT 2012

> In the case of the /etc/fstab if it's a file system required to boot
> it will bork

I don't mind it borking.  But the system offered me the choice of 
"continue".  When I took that choice, the system returned to the SAME 
bork.  I would have preferred it if "continue" had meant "skip this".

> You mentioned you'd already
> created a ticket for this, do you have the number of the ticket?

I wrote ticket # 11719 for a different problem - which appears to exist 
in all XO-1 12.1.0 builds (I believe I saw it before os3; it definitely 
exists in os5 and os6).  [Whereas the "no device for the XO-1 SD card 
(beneath the display) problem only showed up with XO-1 build os6.]

Ticket # 11719 says that for XO-1 12.1.0 builds, nothing exists in the 
/dev tree which can be used in a 'mount' command to access the files 
which OFW uses to boot the XO-1.  [These files exist in a separate 
partition on NAND;  when things work correctly that partition gets 
mounted onto /bootpart -- then those files can be accessed/manipulated 
(e.g., via manual commands) from the running XO-1 system.]

My own interest  is in customizing the olpc.fth file that OFW uses when 
it boots the XO-1.  But the same problem arises if the user performs 
'yum upgrade kernel' (assuming that a newer kernel version has been 
placed in the olpc-f17-xo1 repo).  With the # 11719 problem present in 
XO-1 12.1.0, the output of the 'yum upgrade' (which got placed into 
/boot) CAN'T be copied onto /bootpart (because there is no filesystem 
mounted on /bootpart).  The result is that the XO-1 12.1.0 system 
ignores attempts to upgrade its boot process, and continues to use those 
"boot files" which were created when the XO-1 12.1.0 build was 
originally compiled.


p.s.  Please let me repeat:

>>  It is not clear to me what the "we need detailed reports" are that would
>>  allow you to discover whether such a problem exists on the XO-1 you use.

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