XO 1.75 ofw_olpc.c question

Andrei E. Warkentin andrey.warkentin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 15:43:53 EDT 2011


Since OFW is resident, I thought it would be nice to try to enter into
it with something like -

__olpc_ofw("enter", 0, NULL, 0, NULL);

I'm doing this from SVC mode.

Yet this just hangs. Am I doing something that's not supposed to work
by design? Is there any
hardware state that I need to reset into a known state (PIC state
maybe..?) The overall effect
is simlar to invoking arch_reset blindly without setting up identity
map, but I didn't yet try doing this
prior to the __olpc_ofw call so I'm just conjecturing...


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