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Wed Sep 21 11:59:15 EDT 2011


We had a brain storming session at the last OLPC-SF Community Summit 2011 planning meeting ( ) and came up with .  Feel free to add to that list. The list is not final.  We will be setting up the schedule in the next few weeks, so now is the time for suggestions. 

Bernie was in the area and came to the meeting and indicated he may speak at the Summit.  Maybe you could coordinate topics with him?

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On Sep 21, 2011, at 5:09 AM, Daniel Drake wrote:

> Hi,
> I'll be at the SF summit next month and I'd be interested in running a
> technical session or two.
> I'm looking for suggestions - what would people like to learn more about?
> I am an OLPC XO software developer and have experience at pretty much
> all levels, from firmware to kernel to distro to Sugar. At the moment
> I'm working on the future internals of Sugar (GTK3 port), various low
> level projects with the XO laptops (kernel, etc), and I'm seeing the
> 11.3.0 software release through to completion.
> Ideas?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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