Syncronizing defconfig between XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Fri Sep 16 05:38:22 EDT 2011

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 6:16 PM, Martin Langhoff <martin at> wrote:
> I have gone through a diff between XO-1.5 and XO-1.75 defconfigs, and
> updated XO-1.75 defconfig. The goals were
>  - Made various USB Ethernet drivers modular, to match XO-1.5 (sync)
>  - Changed USB_SERIAL_<various> to modules -- sync. This includes
> _OPTION and _SIERRA_WIRELESS which are used for "3G" modems. Some are
> enabled only on XO-1.75, perhaps they are widely used chipsets that
> could be enabled on 1.5 as well?

For both ethernet and serial we need to make sure we somehow include
any needed firmwares for the various devices now that linux-firmware
has been dropped or there's not much use in enabling the drivers.

>  - Also enabled FB_UDL for DisplayLink support as I am about to play
> with this. Filed #11245 for XO-1 and XO-1.5

According to the upstream ticket for the X driver for this the kernel
shipped in F-14 isn't new enough for the x driver, but its in F-15 and
later now.

>  - Surprise! We have UWB=y on our XO-1.75 builds -- anyone playing
> with this? ;-)
>  - We have EXT4_DEBUG (on xo-1.75 only) -- filed #11244 so that we
> remember to disable it.
>  - The EXT{2,3,4} situation looked mixed up. XO-1.5 kernel is using
> EXT4 for all EXT variants. On XO-1.75 we had the 3 drivers, which
> slowed down mounting the root partition. Additionally, EXT4 options on
> XO-1.75 did not include POSIX_ACL. Sync'ed things to the (saner?)
> config options in XO-1.5.

Might be worthwhile to cross check with what options the Fedora kernel
uses for complete sanity.

>  - Enabled DNOTIFY, QUOTA (and related), FUSE_FS, and AUTOFS4 - sync.
>  - Did not enable drivers for Joliet and other CD filesystems. I doubt
> we care -- we don't seem to have CD-ROM drivers anyway. Why do we have
> this on XO-1.5?

What about for mounting .iso files as loopback off a HDD or similar?

>  - VFAT support is modular now - sync
>  - We don't have SMB/CIFS - surprised...

Worth it for mounting network shares?

>  - NLS_DEFAULT=utf8 (sync) and made UTF8 built statically. Minor detail but
>  - Sync'ed crypto cyphers.

Is it worth looking at enabling the HW crypto devices for the various
platforms? I have a Fit-PC that I use as a FW with a geode and the HW
crypto is pretty good on that, the Via chip has one on the 1.5 and
there's also some form of HW on the 1.75 too. last time I looked we
weren't enabling them,


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