report of os4 on xo 1.75

Gabriel Eirea geirea at
Sun Sep 11 11:34:58 EDT 2011

Scratch sound while booting (right after the chiming sound).
Volume buttons don't work.
Brightness button do work.

Physics: works ok but floor is below the bottom of the screen
Pippy: Physics examples don't work (box2d not installed)
Fototoon: works ok
Write: works ok but mouse cursor interferes with text drawing
Paint: works ok
Browse: works ok but has problems drawing text on textboxes with the
mouse cursor over it
TurtleArt: doesn't start, log error: X Window System error 'Bad
Drawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)'
Etoys: hangs up when entering tutorial, can't close, log error: a lot
of lines with 'snd_pcm_writei returnd -11'
TamTamSuite: no sound
Record: photos ok
Record: audio after stopping the recording it continues with the
progress bar in a loop, have to quit activity, log error:,
line 475, could not add element audiobin
Record: video stops the recording but can't play back, hungs up, log
error:, bus error could not get/set settings from/on



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