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Thu Sep 8 11:34:07 EDT 2011

kevin wrote:
 > I saw the power cycle command on a previous thread.  Not sure I would ever
 > use that feature as it looks like a 'deeper' restart than just a 'reboot',
 > and me being a lowly user, :-)

that command is equivalent to pulling the plug and removing the battery.
so yes, somewhat deeper than "reboot".

 > But that's not why I'm calling out.  I was wondering if you or James or
 > someone knew if there is a terminal command that I can enter to cause an
 > XO-1 to go to sleep, a very deep sleep.  Like the one it goes into when you
 > leave it alone for many hours.  Why, you might ask?  Well, the sisusb
 > usb2vga adapters are very unreliable on 11-2 and beyond on the XO-1.  There
 > is an open ticket on this.

there's a command you can send to powerd which might do what you want:
    sudo powerd-config =dark-suspend

we implemented this when we needed it for power measurement tests.  i'm
not sure it's been tested recently, but it should still work.


 > However, I've noticed that if I leave the machine alone for many hours, then
 > wake it back up, the little gadget cranks up the external monitor like a
 > charm as it restarts.  I was kinda looking for a better work-around until
 > the ticket gets fixed.  Right now my workaround is to use an XO 1.5 for
 > 11-2/11-3 external projector stuff, or 10-3 for XO-1 - both of which work
 > flawlessly.  Thought I might play with a command that can invoke these
 > states instantly, rather than having to wait for hours, as then I'd have not
 > only a viable workaround for now, but the logs might help to debug the
 > issue, if  such a quick coma/recovery also caused the beast to work (or
 > not).
 > Absolutely no urgency.
 > Cheers,
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