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Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Thu Sep 8 11:27:36 EDT 2011


I saw the power cycle command on a previous thread.  Not sure I would ever
use that feature as it looks like a 'deeper' restart than just a 'reboot',
and me being a lowly user, :-)

But that's not why I'm calling out.  I was wondering if you or James or
someone knew if there is a terminal command that I can enter to cause an
XO-1 to go to sleep, a very deep sleep.  Like the one it goes into when you
leave it alone for many hours.  Why, you might ask?  Well, the sisusb
usb2vga adapters are very unreliable on 11-2 and beyond on the XO-1.  There
is an open ticket on this.

However, I've noticed that if I leave the machine alone for many hours, then
wake it back up, the little gadget cranks up the external monitor like a
charm as it restarts.  I was kinda looking for a better work-around until
the ticket gets fixed.  Right now my workaround is to use an XO 1.5 for
11-2/11-3 external projector stuff, or 10-3 for XO-1 - both of which work
flawlessly.  Thought I might play with a command that can invoke these
states instantly, rather than having to wait for hours, as then I'd have not
only a viable workaround for now, but the logs might help to debug the
issue, if  such a quick coma/recovery also caused the beast to work (or

Absolutely no urgency.


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