xo 1.75 report

Gabriel Eirea geirea at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 08:15:20 EDT 2011


I received the XO 1.75 a few days ago and tested it this Sunday (sep 4
2011). Details follow:


- green dot laptop
- membrane keyboard
- flashed with q4b07.rom
- sugar control panel shows build 19 customized, sugar 0.88.0,
firmware "not available", wireless firmware "not available"
- used sugar's "update software" before testing anything


- Network: connected to wifi network wpa/wpa2 with no problem
- Keyboard: increasing/decreasing brightness does nothing
- Keyboard: increasing/decreasing volume does nothing
- Keyboard: frame button does nothing
- Power: the screen goes into some low consumption mode after a few
minutes of inactivity but its resolution is poor (i was expecting to
see the b&w high resolution mode instead)


- Control Panel: keyboard option doesn't show anything

Sugar Activities:

- Memorize: basic example working ok
- Write-76: failed to start (Import error: No module named abiword)
- Paint-36: failed to start (fill/__init__.py: line 21: exceptions
must be classes, not str)
- TamTamSuite: failed to start (common/Util/Clopper/__init__.py: line
21: exceptions must be classes, not str)
(I can see a pattern here, maybe a python version problem?)
- Record-80. it shows as "Grabar", and only allows audio recording,
which doesn't play back
(weird thing: once when I stop the activity, the laptop goes to the
booting message screen and last line says
"/sys/devices/platform/dcon/freeze: No such file or directory" and
then it freezes; I was w/o power cord attached; could not reproduce)
- Browse-125: works ok
- Speak-31: works ok
- StopWatch-11 : works ok
- Labyrinth-11: works ok
- Pippy-40 : physics example doesn't work (no box2d module); sound
examples don't make any sound
- Physics-8 : failed to start (import error, no box2d)
- Calculate-37: works ok
- Terminal-34: works ok
- Maze-12: works ok
- TurtleArt-114: works ok (only tested basic things like moving the turtle)
- GetBooks-9: failed to start (file languagenames.py, line 50,
LanguageName has no attribute _cache)

If there are specific things to test please let me know.



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