New F14-arm build os42 - So long and Thanks for all the Fish

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Sun Sep 4 20:42:13 EDT 2011

The So long and Thanks for all the Fish release

This release should be fairly complete for Activity developers and
testers. All the remaining core libraries are now in place, in most
case now there's only minor revisions between ARM and x86 and that gap
is closing fairly fast. With most of the remaining bits now in place
the next release will be based on a merged 11.3 in alignment with x86.

Download from:

Changes and notes from OS41:
- pywebkitgtk
- audacity-1.3.13-0.4.beta.fc14
- bootfw-q4b09
- olpc-utils-1.3.1-1.fc14

In kernel land:

No changes

Activity version changes:

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