Wireless Security WPA2

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 01:21:09 EDT 2011


I have a site where I sometimes work on my little XO's that has now
implemented WPA2 Enterprise wireless security.  On the Gnome side I can edit
a Wireless Network Connection to correctly enter the parameters and get onto
the network.  However, I cannot seem to get a connection on the Sugar
side.(Build11-2/874).  Is there some way I can get Sugar to use the
configuration from the Gnome side, or is there a terminal command I can
execute in Sugar there that would allow me to make a connection to a WPA2
Enterprise infrastructure?  Even with WPA2 Personal with pre-shared keys, it
doesn't seem to be sharing the connection information between Gnome and
Sugar, but it in the end, WPA2 Personal it does work just fine on both


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