Basic Electricity Text in French?

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> Thanks Xavier,
> The first reference looks best for my purposes -- but maybe more practical
> than I was hoping for.  (I ordered it online, and shipped to my NYC
> address).
> I'm really wanting to find a book that starts from the beginning:
>    1. What is a conductor, an insulator?
>    2. What is a circuit, DC, AC
>    3. What does a battery do?
>    4. What is a electromagnet? How is a magnet used to generate AC?
>    5. Why does a capacitor store a charge?
>    6. Why transformers? What do they do? Concepts of current, voltage,
>    resistance, power.
>    7. ETC. . .
> Maybe Tony Foster's idea of using the XO and turtle art is where I'll have
> to go in the end.
> At least I see real benefit in hands on experimentation.
> George

For such basic concepts, you might be able to pull together a decent
collection of Wikipedia articles to cover some theoretical ground.

If you haven't tried the Book Creator tool in wikipedia, it is very easy to
use and produces decent PDF and not quite as good ODT output from the list
fo articles you select and organize.

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