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> If we're talking about kids powering their own devices, I think the
> way to go is to turn "work" into play. The merry go round/hard bar
> swing would fit in this category.
> So basically, let's look at activities where energy exerted is ambient
> anyway? What I mean is that the energy is being used up by the kids
> anyway, so why not tap into those. An example is to give them some
> variant of those "dance straps" meant to power cellphones before they
> go off to run and play during recess and lunch break.
> One way to tap into this would be to create new playground
> installation toys which can be used for harvesting energy.
> Q: how much abuse can a kinetic energy harvester withstand? A soccer
> of basketball has a lot of kinetic and impact energy bouncing around.
> I'd imagine that's too much abuse though, and whatever harvesting
> mechanism would break from the forces.
> Would piezo work there?
FYI, this is exactly the concept behind PlayPumps for water pumping.


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