Firefox nightly builds for 1.75

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Oct 5 06:32:42 EDT 2011


I've made builds of the latest nightlies of Firefox Desktop and Firefox
Mobile for the 1.75:

Fennec appears to be running slower than Firefox, which is the opposite
of what I was expecting to see.  Maybe Fennec uses compositing operations
for the tabs UI?

While Firefox renders HTML quickly, its interactive performance with
JavaScript sites such as:
is not good.  Maybe someone could do whole-system profiling with sysprof
to try to work out whether we're spending CPU time in the javascript
engine or inside cairo/pixman rendering code while using these apps?
That would tell us whether we're likely to see improvements as our
graphics driver grows more acceleration capabilities.

(If these builds don't have enough debugging symbols for that, I've
still got the full build trees available.)


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>   <>
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