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Dear Mr. Leonard, Mr. Holt, Mr. Battley,

 Catalyst for Hope Project - Sri Lanka - UPDATE
>  Answers to questions brought up via e-mail and Sep 28 LiveChat:

1)  *Sinhala translation of Sugar UI*:  We have found a great volunteer, Pahan
Charithanga in Sri Lanka to help with that.  This is what he said regarding
the e-mail from Mr. Leonard.
"I contributed OLPC during my internship period and I am ready to
contribute again. We conducted some teachers workshops and provided
technical assistance for them. I can talk to people who worked with me and
get their involvement as well. For the translation of the UI  we can get
sinhala blogging community, and university student's contributions. All we
have to do is make aware about the project".
Pahan's contact: *pahan123 at*

2. Dr. Jayantha has talked in depth with the local school staff: here are
her comments -
"  --   We can get the maximum support from the school staff. One or two
dedicated teachers are possible to get trained.
  --   Internet access is also possible.
   --  Graders 8 and 9 (12-14 years old) are better suited for the project"
- for now.

3.  Electricity is available at school.

We are eager to move forward with this.  Please let us know what the next
step is to get OLPC laptops to Sri Lanka.


On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 5:44 PM, Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at>wrote:

> If you or your friends could help complete the translation of the Sugar UI
>> that runs on the XO laptop into:
> Tamil:
> or Sinhala:
> It would be a very nice way of giving back in a manner that would help
> both your kids and others in Sri Lanka.
> cjl
> Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator
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