[Sugar-devel] automatic backlight control

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Nov 24 10:47:06 EST 2011

On 24.11.2011, at 16:09, Paul Fox wrote:

> bert wrote:
>> Today is a sunny day in cold Germany, unlike in the first half of the week. So 
>> I took the 1.75 outside.
>> IMHO the auto-off is fine as implemented in os12. Not distracting at all. 
>> Someone suggested turning it back on quicker, I tried that (replaced 
>> brightness_ramp with set_brightness), but that was much less nice.
>> As I said previously I like the new mono toggle using the brightness keys with 
>> ctrl.
>> But I also like the switch to mono when turning the brightness down manually. 
>> Much more convenient (and way more discoverable) than having to remember the 
>> ctrl-modifier. So I added those two lines back just as they were before, and it 
>> works fine. I would find it a foolish consistency to drop this just because 
>> automatic switch-off doesn't do it.
> okay, sold.  
> i did have a very brief chance to play with the laptop in the sun two
> days ago, and after trying more varied types of content, i better
> appreciate the value of mono mode.  it's sunny here today, so i hope
> to get to play with it some more myself.
> i've implemented what a couple of people suggested for brightness key
> behavior:

(haven't seen that yet in your git repo)

>  - reducing brightness manually to level 0 remains colored (unlike
>    past releases, where level 0 also implied mono).
>  - hitting "brightness down" one more time when at level 0 will
>    switch to mono.  users that use auto-repeat to get there probably
>    won't see a difference.

Not needed, see below.

>  - alt-brightness-down goes to level-0 in mono mode, as it always did.
>    i think it's a coin-toss whether it should go to level-0 in mono or
>    level-0 in color.  (thoughts?)


>  - "brightness up" from level 0 (whether from the color or mono
>    version of level 0) will always go to level 1, and restore color.
>  - sunlight-driven auto-turnoff will go all the way to 0, but won't
>    invoke mono mode.
> bert, i think you approved of the idea of this scheme on irc, please let
> me know if you still think so.
> paul

I now think having two zero-brightness settings (crisp / blurred) does not make sense for general usage. +1 to what Gary wrote in his followup.

For those who want to play with that we have ctrl-brightness-down/up to toggle blurryness ;)

So I would rather not add that extra step "below 0". 

- Bert -

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