[Sugar-devel] automatic backlight control

Gary Martin garycmartin at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 24 10:31:37 EST 2011

Hi Paul,

On 24 Nov 2011, at 15:09, Paul Fox wrote:

> bert wrote:
>> Today is a sunny day in cold Germany, unlike in the first half of the week. So 
>> I took the 1.75 outside.
>> IMHO the auto-off is fine as implemented in os12. Not distracting at all. 
>> Someone suggested turning it back on quicker, I tried that (replaced 
>> brightness_ramp with set_brightness), but that was much less nice.
>> As I said previously I like the new mono toggle using the brightness keys with 
>> ctrl.
>> But I also like the switch to mono when turning the brightness down manually. 
>> Much more convenient (and way more discoverable) than having to remember the 
>> ctrl-modifier. So I added those two lines back just as they were before, and it 
>> works fine. I would find it a foolish consistency to drop this just because 
>> automatic switch-off doesn't do it.
> okay, sold.  
> i did have a very brief chance to play with the laptop in the sun two
> days ago, and after trying more varied types of content, i better
> appreciate the value of mono mode.  it's sunny here today, so i hope
> to get to play with it some more myself.
> i've implemented what a couple of people suggested for brightness key
> behavior:

I've been trying to keep up with the thread, but just wanted to ask, why would anyone not want to auto switch to mono mode when setting the back light brightness to 0? Mono mode is just so much sharper and clear! For me switching the backlight off in direct sunlight is almost never to do with saving power, I'm after the sharp, crisp, clear, high contrast display.


>  - reducing brightness manually to level 0 remains colored (unlike
>    past releases, where level 0 also implied mono).
>  - hitting "brightness down" one more time when at level 0 will
>    switch to mono.  users that use auto-repeat to get there probably
>    won't see a difference.
>  - alt-brightness-down goes to level-0 in mono mode, as it always did.
>    i think it's a coin-toss whether it should go to level-0 in mono or
>    level-0 in color.  (thoughts?)
>  - "brightness up" from level 0 (whether from the color or mono
>    version of level 0) will always go to level 1, and restore color.
>  - sunlight-driven auto-turnoff will go all the way to 0, but won't
>    invoke mono mode.
> bert, i think you approved of the idea of this scheme on irc, please let
> me know if you still think so.
> paul
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