11.3.1 build 11 released for XO-1.75

Martin Langhoff martin at laptop.org
Tue Nov 15 17:04:54 EST 2011

The "cpu0 on fire" build, where runin can read cpu temp invoking black
OFW magic. Also contains assorted fixes to audio, power management, a
better s/r, and more.

Download from:


Updated OFW to Q4C04 -- details at

Bugs fixed:
#10954 XO-1.75 runin CPU temperature support
#11409 Headphone jack test not working in 11.3.0 on 1.75
#11177 XO-1.75 powerd does not see touchscreen as activity

Progress on:
#11395 Implement Linux Suspend/Resume on MMP2
#11397 DCON freeze not working under X
#11406 and #11412 - kernel & powerd wakeup events queue work

Activities:  translation updates on Terminal, TamTam*, Measure,
ImageViewer and Chat.

Kernel changelog:

Andres Salomon (2):
      arm: mmp2: initial pm support
      mmp2: import some TLB flushing from marvell's kernel

Daniel Drake (1):
      input: disable suspend/resume handlers for OLPC

Jon Nettleton (2):
      [pxa168fb] Use designated refresh rate for mode
      Merge branch 'arm-3.0-wip' of
ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/olpc-kernel into arm-3.0-wip

Marcus Folkesson (1):
      serial: pxa: work around for errata #20

Paul Fox (8):
      log the uselessness of invoking en/disable_irq_wake() on MMP2
      allow the dcon to remain on while sleeping
      generate a pm_wakeup when we receive an EC event
      generate a pm_wakeup when we have a lid/ebook interrupt
      generate a pm_wakeup when we get an RTC alarm interrupt
      add new OLS commands and events
      add callback support for OLS events
      create an OLS light/dark notification switch input device

Saadia Baloch (2):
      lis3lv02d.c: Fix use of 16 bit accelerometer.
      Fixed audio jack detection and setting of clock.

--- os10/xo1.75/os10.packages.txt	2011-11-10 10:58:22.000000000 -0500
+++ os11/xo1.75/os11.packages.txt	2011-11-15 16:36:17.000000000 -0500

--- os10/xo1.75/os10.activities.txt	2011-11-10 10:58:22.000000000 -0500
+++ os11/xo1.75/os11.activities.txt	2011-11-15 16:36:17.000000000 -0500


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