Activities won't auto-install from USB "bundles" folder onto 11.3.0?

Holt holt at
Thu Nov 10 19:25:14 EST 2011

Conclusion to both issues that were killing us overnight, thanks to 
KevinG & All:

1) Old habits die hard -- I erroneously believed the troublesome XO-1s 
had no as they did not boot with 
black/TTY scrolling kernel msgs etc.  Hitting "Esc"-on-boot proved me 
wrong, causing the prompt to appear.

So Customization Sticks began to work, once we began holding down the 
lower game key ("X").on boot.  In fact we now hold down the "X" game key 
on all XO-1s (secured or not) -- during every Customization Key 
auto-installation, simplifying our training of locals (Haitians).

2) Our cheap 2GB Micro Center USB sticks work great for reflashing, but 
fail about 50% of the time as Customization Sticks, at random they are 
ignored completely during the boot process -- so we just keep trying 
(sometimes MANY times) until it finally works.  In different USB ports 
for good luck.  A royal pain in the A**, but elbow grease does the job, 
until one day higher quality USB sticks appear :/

Aside: our XO-1s all contain build 883 and firmware Q2E48.

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