toolchain for sugarizing local browser apps, game jam

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You can use JAVA. With this activity: can use any program in Java...
For example, this activity uses this bundle to run:
> Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 09:21:45 +1300
> Subject: toolchain for sugarizing local browser apps, game jam
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> Hi guys.
> Currently in Auckland, NZ now.
> Went to the game developer meetup last night and tossed the idea of an
> OLPC game jam for students and pro/hobbyist game developers to Stephen
> Knightly (chairperson of the NZ Game Developers Association ->
> )
> Problem is that there aren't enough Python coders and not everyone has
> the luxury of learning python.
> Perhaps other platforms that can run on the XO?
> For you guys who've been doing this, like in Nepal, Is there any good
> documentation out there for Sugarizing Javascript/CSS/Canvas/HTML5
> apps or any "web bundles" (Java applet/Flash applet packages) in
> general? Something that people with *zero* Python experience and who
> work on Windows & Mac can use.
> Another reason I'm big on cross-platform stuff for the XO is that so
> OLPC kids do not become "digital 2nd hand digital citizens" - they
> should be able to enjoy the same apps "the cool rich kids" use.
> We're looking at a possible pitch for the idea to at the auckland game
> dev meetup on January as a talk. Game jams are big right now, esp with
> and for people who're into the demo scene
> instead of building some stuff just to show off mad
> skillz for free anyway, how about tapping them and building stuff for
> kids? Even interactive digital art stuff?
> Hope everyone is well,
> -Naz
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