problem solved (Re: new OLPC slackware 13.37 released (fwd)

supat at supat at
Tue May 31 22:06:54 EDT 2011

On Wed, 1 Jun 2011, James Cameron wrote:

> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 06:36:50PM +0700, supat at wrote:
>> Thank you much for your kind information.
>> Two major reasons why I never put how to at Wiki are:
>> 1. I don't think I have authority to do so.
> grants authority to do so to all users, restrictions are
> only added if they become necessary, such as with spam or malicious
> activity.  I'm not aware of any restriction on you, personally.

Thank you FYI:

I just try to add my info at:

I am not familiar with how to write it.
I have to spend time on it.
Firstly, in fast I will add how to on my own web.
If you think it was good I will import to

>> 2. I am very busy on teaching in my university.
> I cannot speak for the authority of your university, sorry.

I do have full authority in my university and I am senior professor there. 
I have a lot of PhD students under my supervision that made me very busy.

>> Are you sure I have authority to write at Wiki? I say so because
>> even in this news group I don't have authority but it was you who
>> FWD it in.
> Yes, I'm one of the mailing list moderators, and I've been approving
> your posts regarding Slackware on OLPC XO because they are obviously of
> interest to OLPC XO developers.
> This is unusual.  I don't normally have to approve postings like this.
> Most moderation is removing spam before it is forwarded.
> Your mail address is listed in our mailman mailing list software
> configuration as requiring manual approval.  I don't see why this is so.
> I don't know if another mailing list moderator did this.  The
> configuration does not give a reason.
> Perhaps it was because on 12th and 15th April you posted two messages to
> a very large group, the first one being "new option to watch ZERO work
> shop" with unsolicited advertising attached, the second one being
> "Subject: great step progress in SSS innovation (SSL 1.6)" ... the
> messages had nothing to do with OLPC or XO.  The messages were also
> unfriendly, since they included hundreds of addressees, including
> fortran and gcc mailing lists.  Another moderator may have concluded
> that someone else was using your computer or it was infected.

It may has spam to my mail and all over the world including to OLPC and I 
may accidentally reply to it. As you can see it has cc to hundreds of 
addressees, as you said.

> But you must not conflate mailing list posting rights with Wiki access
> rights.

Thank you. I will try to not disturb on Wiki access rights and some one 
may block me again to contribute good things to OLPC.

I just test that I can login to wiki and edit some change there few 
minutes ago.


> -- 
> James Cameron

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