new OLPC slackware 13.37 released (fwd)

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Mon May 23 10:34:37 EDT 2011

On Mon, 23 May 2011, James Cameron wrote:

> On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 02:23:39PM +0700, supat at wrote:
>> I never update for new OLPC firmware because it work for my old
>> slackware 12.2. So, I don't want to mess it up.
> Okay, thanks.  I was thinking more of your users than you.  They might
> try what you have done and fail to make it work on recent firmware
> versions.  And some firmware versions cannot be downgraded safely.

You are very kind and helpful in saying so.
It will be useless if what I made work only for myself.

> So, can you tell me what version of firmware is on your XO-1 now?  You
> can find out in several ways, see the "Which Firmware Do You Have?"
> section

>From your link I found that it was:

CL1 Q2E25 Q2E

Trying cat /ofw/openprom/model never work under OLPC slackware.

>> Yes, under OLPC it was recent kernel I found at OLPC: 2.6.36-rc2.
> Okay, I haven't found this one yet.  ;-)  Could you tell me where you
> found it?  I normally look at but that
> version is not present there,

It was there:
Exactly at

>> Please let me know if the latest OLPC will not harm my OLPC 1.0 so
>> that I can test it for you.
> I'd be happy to tell you.  But first I need to know your installed
> firmware version (see above), and hardware serial number.  (Because
> there are some very early hardware versions that cannot be safely
> upgraded).

So, my earlier guess is correct. Upgrade firmware can harm OLPC.
Lucky me, I don't upgrade to new firmware :)

BTW: I try looking fast again at boot and see hardware serial number:



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> James Cameron

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