James Cameron quozl at
Wed May 18 18:28:10 EDT 2011

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 09:51:33AM -0400, Samuel Greenfeld wrote:
> What seems to be missing (in this discussion, and perhaps in the
> utility) is support in the OS builder to incrementally update based on
> a previous build. 

Yes, and I mentioned recently the idea of applying an incremental .zd
file that wrote only the blocks that had been changed between the
factory installed build and the deployment build.  But I'm not sure if
that needs any support at all from olpc-os-builder, it might be better
thought of as an olpc-os-customiser.

I do something like this with my local Ubuntu builds ... a minimal but
bootable filesystem is made by my builder, and stowed away in a
.tar.gz.  Then that is used as input to the next stage, which can be run
repeatedly.  It's all done in a tmpfs, with disk caching of downloads.
Tools are included to convert the .tar.gz output of each stage into
.img or .zd.

James Cameron

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