Updated 11.2.0 schedule

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri May 13 16:48:34 EDT 2011

On 13 May 2011 17:44, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there more information on the Sugar/Activity regressions so as I
> can investigate?

Here is the full buglist:
That includes system stuff and minor bugs as well though, probably not
that useful.

So here are just the sugar tickets: (note that this doesn't include
activities and some other sugar-related components)

I took a quick glance through the list (including ones outside of the
shorter list above), here is a large handful of important-looking

#10779 	Back/forward buttons do not reliably appear in Browse
#10595 	Browse can't send mail in gmail
#10623 	Browse will not let you type in text fields
#10699 	Browse needs PDF reader pluggin added back in
#10751 	Browse does not reliabily show title information
#10759 	Etoys does not start in fullscreen directly
#10800 	Memorize: buddies do not get removed from the buddy list
inside the activity when leaving
#10854 	Paint activity crashes on os18, XO-1
#10452 	Already shared activities are not synced when joining a network (salut)
#10823 	Read: sharing broken
#10806 	No scrolling in Read
#10659 	Record doesn't pause itself when another activity becomes active
#10760 	Scratch does not start in fullscreen directly
#10643 	View keys and the Journal and Frame key stops working
#10400 	When the person that invited leaves a chat invitation is
launched (link-local)
#10801 	Friends tray is not right on sharer
#10817 	friendstray does represent buddies of a shared activity we
have not joined yet
#10370 	Groups view not updated when friend leaves
#10533 	Journal cannot display entries with null/empty/no title on USB stick
#10578 	Leaving a shared activity only logs shared users in the
Journal present at the time you exited the activity
#10631 	Sugar keyboard dialog should default to OLPC
#10641 	New activity updater that uses the microformat
#10674 	Shared activities disappear from network view when lead laptop
exits application
#10678 	No message appears when school server registration is completed
#10693 	tabbing through activities using alt+tab / alt+shift+tab does not work
#10712 	wrong cursor on welcome screen
#10713 	sugar activities start with window decorations
#10717 	Journal: Can not change entry information on external device
#10724 	Sugar dies upon launching an activity
#10750 	gabble: nick name is set to jabber_account_id
#10776 	laptop does not register with school server
#10794 	Reveal Metacity's 'Force quit'-dialog
#10799 	presence service dies, no palette in Journal
#10841 	Journal: Rescan of external device view when dragging an image
#10820 	Privately shared applications can be publicly shared by any user
#10362 	Create Game: Palette of "equal pairs" option does not always go away
#10607 	Phantom duplicate shared Write actiivity with XS/Gabble used
#10356 	Write Activity: English translation of menus has Underscores after names


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