Updating olpc-boot-anim for a 10.1.3 build with minimum fuss

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 17:03:01 EDT 2011

In this brave new os-builder (and dracut) world, what's best practice
for updating the boot animation?

 - should we take the src rpm, splice-in new files and rebuild it?

 - is there an override directory or filepath where files can be
installed via custom_scripts ?  Or how bad is it if we just overwrite
/usr/share/boot-anim/ files from a new module or a custom script?

 - If we're to prep a new OOB module for this, we should take the PNGs
and generate deltas, right? Any hints, ideas, code?

 - Are the files grabbed by dracut at all? IOWs, do we need to re-run
dracut to update initramfs ? (ISTR it's jus read from the normal FS
after root pivot -- looking at a F14 install, it seems to do that).


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