LATEST ON: Conozco Uruguay OLPC/Sugar Tour + Summit!

Holt holt at
Wed Mar 16 14:43:57 EDT 2011

*/1. eduTRIP!  Community Exploration Tour Welcome/*

     Latest Draft Itinerary just posted, on the specific schools/groups
     in Uruguay we anticipate visiting and working with:

     APR 30 - MAY 4/5

     Sign up with me today if you still want a spot, as we already have
     15+ potential trip attendees you can see here, but a couple spots left:

     Thanks to all the great folks who already bought full 10-day flights to
     Uruguay! /Huge thanks to Leticia, Pablo for organizing so many of
     the crucial logistics, and for Caryl for blogging on their progress 

     And remember the true meaning of Conozco Uruguay, "C U" soon
     just 6 weeks from now!
2. eduJAM!  Core Summit Registration now OPEN*/


     Click REGISTER on top hereunder even if the PayPal payment page
     isn't quite ready, apologies -- just remember to do that later, 

     CeibalJAM! is working extremely hard pulling this all together, 
     in free education software developer from all around South America.
     More details of our action-packed schedule coming soon, including
     some bonus/side agendas for learning community organizers etc
     Caryl's helping with, hopefully within the week!

Help kids everywhere map their world, at !

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