Discovering the XOs local timezone in a bash script

Daniel Drake dsd at
Sun Mar 13 11:15:00 EDT 2011

On 13 March 2011 03:21, Samuel Greenfeld <greenfeld at> wrote:
> Sugar reports only relative times in its core GUI, so I don't know how
> common it is for deployments or other users to actually change this
> setting.  Setting a time zone other than UTC with 10.1.3 and prior may
> also expose a flaw where the offset is repetitively applied every
> reboot, shifting the clock.

Just to remove any doubt..
Setting the time zone from the control panel doesn't have any adverse
effects such as the clock shift described above. This is is because
sugar's time zone is isolated from the rest of the system as described

Setting a different timezone on the system level will cause problems
on existing builds, but there is no UI for this, and this is fixed in
11.2.0 (with a "UI" now available via olpc-os-builder configuration


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