Initial tests of Activities, as shipped, on a New XO-1.5

Richard A. Smith richard at
Thu Mar 3 11:53:23 EST 2011

On 03/02/2011 08:34 AM, Thomas C Gilliard wrote:
> Attached is an Calc spreadsheet of my initial testing of
> activities on a new XO-1.5

Did you test while on battery or on external power?  If you were on 
battery and power management was enabled the the log files in your 
power-logs directory would be useful to me.

Thats pretty much a blanket statement for everyone doing any sort of 
testing for say .5h or more.  Run on battery enable power management and 
send me a copy of the logs in power-logs dir when you are done.

Even better if you _use_ the XO for extended periods on battery and have 
power management enabled then I'm also interested in your power-logs.

Both XO-1 and XO 1.5


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