Good news: mostly complete dist-f14 package list

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed Jun 29 09:17:08 EDT 2011

from the OMG Ponies! dept -

Following on the topic of ,
I put the commands into a script, and re-ran it against the latest
dist-14 repo.

The list we are missing is looking good. By good I mean:

set(['kernel', 'sugar-update-control', 'PolicyKit-olpc',
'telepathy-logger', 'dconf', 'perl-threads-shared', 'inkscape',
'olpc-powerd', 'csound', 'olpc-powerd-dbus', 'bootfw-q3b07', 'folks',
'olpc-bootanim', 'olpc-runin-tests', 'portmidi', 'gnome-dvb-daemon',
'ds-backup-client', 'dmidecode', 'libffado', 'prelink', 'atkmm',
'xorg-x11-drv-chrome', 'csound-python', 'perl-threads'])

Cross out the ones that are not in Fedora repos, and we're left with
very very few pkgs. csound and  the folks + telepathy-logger pair
worry me a tad.

To state the obvious: this is dist-f14, no updates stream yet. So it
still isn't the same as our F14 builds, specially when you think about
Sugar, which is up to or so lately.

But damn good if you ask me.We're getting close.

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