Screen dimming XO1 vs XO 1.5

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Sun Jun 26 09:55:39 EDT 2011


On the XO 1 with the osxx builds and 870, with no power setting options
turned on, the screen still dims after a period of inactivity. The unit is
active, but just the screen has dimmed off.  Tapping a key or the trackpad
brings the screen back on, and everything else including wifi is still
active.  This is a really neat 'feature', as it mitigates some issues with
sleep/resume functions on the XO, while still saving an appreciable amount
of battery life.

However, on the XO 1.5, when, as well,  both items in power settings are
unchecked, the screen never dims.  As such, walking away from the machine
for 20 minutes or so is a pretty significant battery usage hit.  Any chance
at getting the 1.5 to behave like the 1.0? Even if this by design because
the power settings behave better on the 1.5, IMO auto dim of the screen
regardless of settings would be nice.

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