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Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 09:41:04 EDT 2011


Still working on testing the issues with the external VGA adapters on the XO
1's, but while waiting for the flashing of the machines, in the interim I
ran most of the rest of my other tests:
The LDUSB-based Vernier sensors continue to work 1.0/1.5 Build 23 Sugar and
The Veho UVC USB external microscopes continue to work 1.0/1.5 with cheese
on both Sugar and Gnome, Build 23.
The new wizard for attaching a USB 3G modem on the Gnome side1.0/1.5 is
brilliant.  Just plugged the little Sierra Wireless stick in, waited for it
to be shown as recognized by lsusb, then ran the wizard from the network
icon drop-down.  I used defaults for Rogers here in Canada, and it connected
first time, and reliably every time after that! Haven't tried that on the
Sugar side.
Have not done the guvcview testing or cups HP printing tests, anywhere, yet.
Last but not least, on networking, WPA2 to Airport and Cradlepoint, and USB
wired-ethernet adapters to router work 1.0/1.5, Gnome and Sugar, Build 23.

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