''Narrative Interfaces'' at OLPC

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Sat Jun 18 18:18:34 EDT 2011


I did some work on writing a text based dungeon program. The dungeon file is purposefully plain text and can be easily edited by kids in Write.

The idea was that kids develop literacy and numeracy skills by creating dungeons and 'cheating' on existing dungeons.

Playing the game

    visualise 2D spaces (could extend to 3D or even 4D)
    navigate compass directions N E S W and relationship to right, left
    text literacy
    can include subject related content
    problem solving 

Making/editing/reading a dungeon file

    all the above plus
    Cartesian coordinates
    word processing skills
    programming like skills
    create in any language

The next step is to Sugarise it. The code so far is published. If anybody wants to take it on thats OK with me.


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