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I too am having troubles with both the 'supported' USB2VGA and USB2VGA2 on
build 23 with the XO1 even with a full, valid, complete install.

I will work back in builds to see when it stopped working.  It looks to me
like not only the sisusb, but also the ldusb devices, are unhappy with this
kernel.  I will inform daniel and martin.  On mine,  it stops loading with
only one of the little progress dots on the animated start-up displaying
either going to gnome or sugar.  This might officially be a 'regression
bug';, but, I'll probably neeed some input from D and M as to how to do a
non-animated boot so I can see any errors and then do an official report.

Also, unfortunately way back in the 11.2 builds, the usb utilities which
include the lsusb command are no longer shipped.  You have to install it
manually by going to terminal, doing the 'su' then doing 'yum install
usbutils'.  I had mentioned this before in the developer forum, it's really
small, and I'm not sure why it's not included anymore, but alas it is not.



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Subject: Re: [support-gang] using usb2vga with 11.2.0 and 10.1.3

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