Current oob - any clear F13 incompat?

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Jun 15 10:10:52 EDT 2011

On 15 June 2011 13:37, Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 8:28 AM, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:
>> That sounds like a sensible approach.
> Yes but I am still based on a rather old OOB and wondering whether to
> rebase to tip of master -- instead of for example cherry picking bits
> I want/need.
> So I ask: any reason to expect it not to work with f13?

Ah, now I understand the question.

Generally there are a fair number of changes between each Fedora
version which make one branch specific to one Fedora version, and it
would be a pain to make it support 2. This is certainly true for F11
vs F12, and F14 vs F15.

F14 vs F13 I haven't tried.

I would recommend keeping your own branch for it, and at a quick
glance I can't see anything new in master that is terribly interesting
for you anyway. I would keep going with the branch you have already,
cherry picking anything you know you want from master, and focus any
remaining time on getting F14 working.


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