Problem with camera on Jam2Jam

thorin kerr thorin.kerr at
Mon Jun 6 21:36:41 EDT 2011

HI folks,

Firstly... sorry if this is the wrong forum to turn to for help. If so,
could you please direct me to the right place?

Basically, I have received a bug report for an activity I developed - but
I'm having trouble reproducing the bug.

Plan Ceibal in Uruguay have told me using the camera on the Jam2Jam activity
crashes the activity. That seems to be as much as they can tell me.

They use XO 1.0 with sugar 0.88.1.

Would that be the same version of Sugar described here?

And/or ...   if someone has an XO 1,0 with Sugar 0.88.1 handy... any chance
they can reproduce the problem and tell me a bit more? Maybe what gets
printed in the Log? That's a bigger ask I guess, I'll test with Dextrose if
that's the right way to go.

Jam2Jam is here:

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