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Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 00:25:33 EDT 2011

Dear OLPC-devel and localizers,

Please note that the Sugar Labs Translation Team has been reaching out
to upstream projects to enhance complete L10n of dual-boot images like
the upcoming 11.2.0 build from OLPC.

Upstream L10n tracking
This project's "strings"  are not for translation, but rather serve as
"tracking tickets" for important upstream GNOME packages (and

Upstream POT templates
Local hosting of AbiWord and GNASH PO files to enhance collaboration
on L10n of these upstream projects that do not have their own hosted
L10n tools.  It is still necessary to submit completed PO files to
their respective developer mailing lists for commit, but Pootle
provides many advantages for localizers and enhances collaboration
between Sugar Labs / OLPC and these upstream communities.

We've not forgotten the downstream either.
These are eToys-baseed lesson plans from Waveplace.

Documentation on these outreach efforts is under development on the wiki:



volunteer Sugar Labs / OLPC / eToys Poolte admin

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From: Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 12:00 AM
Subject: Status of AbiWord Pootle hosting
To: abiword-dev <abiword-dev at abisource.com>, OLPC Localization list
<localization at lists.laptop.org>

Dear AbiWord devs and localizers,

The existing AbiWord PO files for the following languages have been
uploaded to the Sugar Labs Pootle server with the following (hopefully
self-explanatory) names:


They can be found under the language name at this link:

Please review your languages uploaded PO files (particularly the
msgfmt checks on the Reveiw tab).  Many strings that were
automatically transferred in version upgrades are "fuzzy" and need
work, some are badly matched/translated by the fuzzy matching
algorithm of the merge tools.

ach     Acholi  AnLoc
af      Afrikaans       AnLoc
ak      Akan (Twi:Asante)       AnLoc
sq      Albanian
am      Amharic         AnLoc
ar      Arabic
ast     Asturian
eu      Basque
be      Belarusian
be at latin        Belarusian-latin
br      Breton
bg      Bulgarian
ca      Catalan
zh_CN   Chinese (China)
zh_HK   Chinese (Hong Kong)
zh_TW   Chinese (Taiwan)
hr      Croatian
cs      Czech
da      Danish
nl      Dutch
en_GB   English (United Kingdom)
eo      Esperanto
et      Estonian
fi      Finnish
fr      French
ff      Fulah   AnLoc
gl      Galician
de      German
el      Greek
he      Hebrew
hu      Hungarian
id      Indonesian
ga      Irish
it      Italian         needs work (encoding)
ja      Japanese
kk      Kazakh
km      Khmer   2.9 only
ko      Korean  needs work (encoding)
ku      Kurdish
lv      Latvian
lt      Lithuanian
mk      Macedonian
mg      Malagasy
ml      Malay
ne      Nepali
nso     Northern Sotho  AnLoc
nb      Norwegian Bokmal
nn      Norwegian Nynorsk
ps      Pashto
pl      Polish
pt      Portuguese
pt_BR   Portuguese (Brazil)
ro      Romanian
ru      Russian
sk      Slovak
sl      Slovenian
son     Songhai languages       AnLoc
es      Spanish
sv      Swedish
ta      Tamil
tk      Turkish
uk      Ukrainian
ur      Urdu    2.9 only
vi      Vietnamese
cy      Welsh
wo      Wolof
zu      Zulu    AnLoc

AnLoc hosted AbiWord PO files will be discussed with fwolff (or other
AnLoc person) to minimize duplication of effort.

Italian and Korean need to be converted to UTF-8 before upload, I will
work on that.  For Urdu and Khmer, only 2.9 created as no strings are
translated yet (2.8 is a subset of 2.9 strings, so backfilling will be

The following need additional information to be fully resolved.  Merge
suggestions will be discussed individually with relevant locaizers.
nplural info being sought for language configuration on Poolte
includes number of plural forms and plural equation.

ay      ayc-BO, aym-BO  discussing with Amos Batto
qu      quh-BO, qul-BO  discussing with Amos Batto

bm              AnLoc, need nplural info
cgg             AnLoc, need nplural info
lg              AnLoc, need nplural info

jbo             need nplural info
mh              need nplural info
mhk             need nplural info
sc              need nplural info
yi              need nplural info

de-CH           Merge?

es_MX           Merge?

en-US   en-AU ,en-CA en-IE      Merge?

sr      sr, sr-SR       difference? Merge?
       sr at latin        create

This just a start, but I think you will agree that it is a substantial
first step.

Warmest Regards,


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